We believe the most successful entrepreneurs are supported by people they trust; but the hardest relationships to build are the ones that have the greatest potential. The Opportunity Room is your bridge.
The Opportunity Room

We’re growing a global entrepreneurship community

The Opportunity Room

Lanique + Co is a consulting firm that specializes in business innovation strategy. Clients and supporters of the firm have access to The Opportunity Room - a growing global ecosystem that sits in the center of creativity and innovation and entrepreneurship


These monthly masterminds are for entrepreneurs who are going through business struggles and wish to have an honest and transparent face-to-face discussion about how to navigate them.

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The private online Slack portal connects you with both members and experts. You have the option to be matched with mentors, network with peers, access chat rooms for your specific business needs, or simply share how your day is going. You will also be listed in the virtual member directory.


Meet your dream team – the expert advisors that every entrepreneur should have access to. Experts will answer your burning questions and host web conferences to ensure that you stay abreast of new industry tips.

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Your idea, your team, and your execution all factors to your business success. Watch these TED Talks to learn about the startup journey what actually matters the most.

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Entrepreneurship is multidisciplinary endeavor. By reading these books on communications, personal finance, sociology, and social psychology, you will gain a holistic approach to leadership and business success.