About Lanique

About Lanique

You may call me Shantell Lanique or either name separately.  I launched my first business venture, Blue Dynasty Entertainment and Travel, in 2007 – shortly after obtaining a B.S. in Management from Hampton University, and prior to obtaining a M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship from Simmons School of Management.  My second business venture, KARLA International, was launched while in grad school; it was indeed a flop but I learned some great business lessons trying to get it off the ground.

Shantell Lanique Smith, Consultant

Lanique + Co was created so that I could utilize my acquired business savvy to help other entrepreneurs solve problems.  Somewhere between traveling to my hometown of Boston and my headquarters in Miami, I spend countless hours getting clients out of their own heads, and still find time for the gym and a light beach read.

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